Expandable Photo Locket Necklace [Mothers Day Sale]

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😍BEST Mother's Day PRESENT! 😍


Open the angel wing claps on this gorgeous locket and expand to reveal up to 4-6 pictures of precious loved ones

This unique locket is a perfect gift for loved ones and friends to remember those precious people in their lives and keep them close to your heart..

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Material: Metal (Stainless Steel/Copper Plated)

Pendant Size: 2.5cm (0.98")*21cm(0.8")

Chain Length (adjustable): 60cm(24") 

Photo Size: 1.5cm (0.2")

Package includes: 2 x Expanding photo locket 

How to modify your photo size

You can use any online/local photo resizing service to get your photos re-sized (services differ from country to country so we recommend searching on Google for 'locket photos' and you will find multiple options for your region)

Notes: you can save the link "oddprints.com", and then change the photo size of yours on that web.

Simply affix your photos to the locket using double sided tape or glue